Mind, Culture, and Society 

The third time is the charm! Please plan to join SIETAR USA in Omaha November 3-6, 2022 as we gather to explore connections between Mind, Culture, and Society! How does the intersection of these three vital aspects change how we view and react to the world around us?  The schisms in today’s world—rural/urban immigrant/citizen; and the gaps caused by differences in religion, race, gender identity, and politics—challenge us daily. How can integrating intercultural and inclusion concepts and practices make a difference when working at the edges of Mind, Culture and Society? How does a deeper understanding of the intersection of these three factors enhance our capacity to bridge such schisms?  This conference will shine a light on the impact of emerging neuroscience applications, current perspectives on culture, and social parameters within the Intercultural and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion fields.

The three educational pillars for this year's conference include:

Mind & Body: Leveraging Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Somatic Intelligence and Beyond. Scientists studying the brain have applied their findings to many areas of human interaction.

Most significantly, neuroscientists are increasing our understanding of the mind in such areas as prejudice and bias, culture, resiliency, and leadership.  What can we learn from them that applies to our work? How can the mind-body connection be leveraged to heal schisms and historic trauma? How can the practice of mindfulness facilitate greater understanding and more equitable outcomes? Can embedding intercultural and inclusion in our work produce a better result? How can we decolonize the mind? What current research can we apply?

Culture: What are the new and emerging conceptualizations of culture, identity, and intercultural competence and their applications?  How does integrating intercultural and inclusion affect outcomes of training, coaching, and teaching? Have the events of the past few years with the wide-spread focus on anti-racism initiatives and the increased awareness of the pervasive impact of white supremacy influenced your approach to learning and teaching about intercultural competence?  Have you changed and adapted your focus on culture and identity in response to our current challenges?  Why or why not?  What are ways forward that attend to both interpersonal and structural aspects of learners’ needs?

What have we learned about the issues facing today’s societies around the world and how can they help create a more positive impact in the USA and vice versa? What is the role or duty of the intercultural or DEI professional? Prominent among the issues facing us as professionals is the impact of racial aggression, health pandemics, challenges to democracies, new and ongoing civil unrest, immigrant and migrant issues, and concerns regarding racial and gender identity. How do these issues shape the work we do on the ground and how are they shaped by our work? And finally, how do the intercultural and DEI perspectives intersect and inform each other?

Our educational offerings will be focused in Education, Training or Research in these areas. The Call for Proposals (CFP) closes April 30, 2022, so make sure you submit! Check out this page for details: 2022 CFP

    We've waited a LONG time for this! We hope you'll plan to join us in Omaha for a conference designed to support you with stimulating thinking, inspiring insights, expanding skills and renewing commitments—we will work together to explore important questions and seek avenues of human connection.

    The 2022 Conference Venue:

    Hilton Omaha

    1001 Cass Street

    Omaha, NE 68102-1152

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