Conference Attendees: You may qualify for a SIETAR USA scholarship which will cover your conference registration fee!

Are you a first time SIETAR USA conference attendee?
Are you open to volunteering at the conference?

See below for details.

 Application Deadline: July 31, 2022

What is the SIETAR USA conference all about?

The SIETAR USA conference serves as a forum for interculturalists and DEI practitioners from varied professions and disciplines to come together to share their knowledge, insights, and questions with other members of their fields. Members of SIETAR USA share a passion for deepening their understanding of cultures, increasing intercultural competence in themselves and others, and continually fostering culturally respectful and inclusive ways of making the world a better place to live and work.

How do the Scholarships work?

SIETAR USA wishes to support and provide access to the conference for those who might not otherwise be able to attend. Thanks to the efforts of last year's Silent Auction team and attendee contributions, we are able to offer several full scholarships, which cover the registration fee for this year's SIETAR USA conference. (Value=$500/each)

Scholarship applicants must be first-time SIETAR USA Conference attendees and are required to minimally volunteer during the conference.  

For the Scholarship application form, click here: 2022 Scholarship Application

Step One: Am I eligible?
Step Two: Am I qualified?
Step Three: How do I apply?
Step Four: What happens after I apply?

Step One: Am I eligible?

All applicants must be a first-time SIETAR USA conference attendee. Prior conference attendees and past recipients of this scholarship are not eligible, in order to allow other applicants to have this opportunity.

Eligible applicants must be:

·         An academically registered student in good standing with a Letter of Support from an Academic Advisor or Professor, which includes confirmation of your education or professional position as well as any knowledge they have of your qualifications,


·         An employee/volunteer with a community-based non-profit organization with a Letter of Support from the Director of the program or organization, verifying your work with them. * This does not include those who are consultants to a non-profit, or those who volunteer on the side to a non-profit

Step Two: Am I qualified?

Qualified applicants must demonstrate:

      An interest in and commitment to intercultural education, training, and research as evidenced by a program of study or work, academic or community activities, and/or active participation in organizations serving diverse populations.

      Past and present contributions to the field of intercultural relations and communications including community development; international, multicultural or diversity education.

      An interest in presenting at a future SIETAR USA conference and/or an accepted proposal to present at this year’s SIETAR USA conference.

      A willingness to be an active participant in the SIETAR USA community through activities such as volunteering, and/ or involvement in a local SIETAR USA chapter.

Step Three: How do I apply?

To apply, please complete your online scholarship application, including all required documents, prior to the JULY 31, 2022 DEADLINE.

NOTE: Two (2) uploads are also required, as follows: 

1. A letter of support from your academic institution OR non-profit organization (see Step One above: “Am I Eligible?”)

 Your résumé which includes at least one reference (Name, title, institution or organization, email and phone contact information) and is no more than 2 typed pages in length.

Click here for the online scholarship application and instructions to upload the required files: Online Scholarship Application.

Step Four: What happens after I apply?

  • As soon as your application is complete, you will receive an acknowledgement email.
  • Scholarship Award decision notifications will be sent out by August 14, 2022. If you accept the Scholarship, you must confirm your acceptance by email by August 21, 2022. If we do not have your acceptance confirmed at that time, your Scholarship will be awarded to the next person on the waitlist. 
  • Volunteer Requirements: All scholarship recipients must be available to provide service at the SIETAR USA conference for a set number of volunteer hours. Those who receive partial scholarships volunteer for 4 hours, and those who receive a full scholarship volunteer for 7 hours. Once you’ve accepted the Scholarship and registered for the conference, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule your volunteer hours.

Have questions? Need more information?

Please send any questions or concerns related to the SIETAR USA Scholarships to scholarships@sietarusa.org. We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Conference in Omaha! 

Bob Boyce
Scholarship Committee Chair

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