conference volunteers NEEDED! 

The SIETAR USA National Conference is a perfect illustration of the saying "It takes a village..." In addition to all the people involved in the planning and logistics leading up to the event, it would be impossible to accomplish without the support of volunteers during the event - the "boots on the ground".

SIETAR USA is requesting the assistance of volunteers to help support and facilitate a variety of events and activities during this year's conference. Areas where we need your assistance include:

Technical Support: provide technical support and assistance to presenters over the course of the day.

Program Support: provde program and logistics support in the main ballroom and/or workshop rooms.

Silent Auction Support: assist with event setup, onging monitoring and support, and help finalize transactions at the end of the auction.

Registration Support: help staff the registration desk during peak hours, answer event, facility and logistics questions, and support event coordination with the facility; assist with conference "teardown" at the end.

Being a volunteer is a great way to meet and connect with fellow conference attendees while learning the ins and outs of running a conference.

Volunteers will receive direction and instruction relevant to their role(s). 

Registration Discounts for Volunteers

Volunteering provides a percentage reduction in conference registration fees. There are a limited number of registration discounts available. Volunteers wishing to receive a registration discount must apply for one of the following options (available Friday-Saturday-Sunday ONLY):

Volunteer for 1 day: 25% registration rate reduction

Volunteer for 2 days: 50% registration rate reduction

Volunteer for 3 days: 75% registration rate reduction

Deadline for applying to be a volunteer is September 30, 2022. 
Priority placement will be given to those who apply by September 16.

To apply to be a volunteer, send an email to with the information shown below:

Subject line: I Would Like to Volunteer for SIETAR USA 2021!

Include the following information:

Phone number
Email address

And indicate:

My preference would be to volunteer for ____ day(s) in the following positions:

_____  Technology Support

_____  Program Support

_____  Silent Auction Support

_____  Registration/Event Support

Days of the conference you are available to volunteer:

_____  Friday, November 4

_____  Saturday, November 5

_____  Sunday, November 6

PLEASE NOTE: We will try to assign you to your preferred position and days but cannot guarantee that will be possible. Also, in your role as a volunteer, we cannot guarantee you will be able to attend every session of interest to you - there may be times when your volunteer responsibilities may have to take priority. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

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